Mrs. Jocelyne Bergeron is a specialist in canine behaviour. She can help you better understand the positive or negative actions of your dog. Her advice will guide you to success and improve your relationship with your companion. She can also help you in choosing the breed that best suits your needs and, she will also direct you to serious and well known breeders.

So, if just to consult about a behaviour problem or some advice about the education and understanding of dogs, Jocelyne will certainly be able to help you!

Please don’t hesitate to ask!


Jocelyne’s expertise is in positive thinking. Thanks to this, humans and dogs develop better positive links. Come gather our good advice in our establishment!

Choker collars and abusive methods are not permitted. Our groups are small, not more than eight (8) people per class, to ensure fun and equal understanding from everyone! Four (4) groups are formed every six (6) weeks. Just add your name to the waiting list to be among the next group starting.

For those who cannot join a group, we offer individual sessions that can be adapted to your particular needs.


The complex contains about forty (40) individual interior spaces and twenty-three (23) exercise pens outside. The small dogs are kept in spaces away from the big dogs so they may retain their tranquility. Six (6) outings on an average per day for the dogs and sometimes a great part of the day outside for those who are used to it.


Your dogs will not lack exercising. There is also play time for them. The dogs that like to play with other dogs are paired off with one dog at a time in our outside enclosures. The security of your pet is taken seriously. For the older dogs, a walk on a leash is waiting for them away from the noisy pens.


Small or big, they will benefit from our expert care while being groomed. The quiet atmosphere calms and reassures our four legged friends! Therefore we do not have to use, at anytime, tranquilisers! The shampoos are a 100% natural, eucalyptus based, therefore very soft on their skin and coat.