The Stimulation and Development of Puppies

The breeder’s role is essential to the emotional and behavioural health of puppies. Being stimulated in multiple ways during the first weeks of life (0-8 weeks) gives puppies the necessary tools for a healthy development in all sorts of situations that they may come across later with their new family.

  • Daily handling of puppies by the breeder ensures that they are more trusting of humans. A series of well-known exercises helps the puppies’ motor and neurological development.
  • Allowing puppies into the breeder’s home enhances their early experiences and familiarizes them with humans.
  • Exercising their motor skills in simple locations or going with their mothers on short drives makes puppies more likely to be confident when faced with new situations. (We begin this training by the 5th week.)

When adopting a new companion, the quality of puppies’ socialization must be of the highest priority, as well as the cleanliness of where they are raised.

Please come visit our office and grounds to see for yourself how clean we keep it and how much stimulation our dogs get!