Welcome to the world of Kidjuuk Shepherd !

The German Shepherd is a noble and elegant dog whose high intelligence, skilfulness make the perfect companion for our everyday life. Our shepherds have a stable and non-aggressive temperament; they make marvelous pets with a natural protective instinct for children! All our reproductive dogs are x-rated and OFA certified for hips and elbows, they are also tested for ?Degenerative Myelopathy DM?. Our puppies come with a 36 month health guarantee, which is written on contract and all parent’s tests results are available for the buyer to see. Kidjuuk center is dedicated to make quality dogs and not quantity. We breed German Shepherds both from American and European lineage. Our goal is to produce dogs that can be used for many purposes. Elegant and gracious, but still a working dog which can execute many tasks. Our dog breeding program is family oriented, socialization and development of our puppies is of up most importance for us. Puppies are submitted to various manipulations and exercise from their very first days of life. As a result, our puppies are self-assured and calm in all situations.

Kidjuuk is a member of many canine associations such as: CCC, AKC, GSDCC, GSDCA, BACQ, RECCQ, APEECQ, CCE.

So if you are looking for a true companion or if your wish to find a dog to participate in dog shows, obedience/agility, search & rescue, etc., you will find satisfaction here!

Our German Shepherd‘s can be found in many cities such as Montreal, Sherbrooke, Granby, Drummondville, Quebec City and in many other places in the Province of Quebec, as well as Ontario, New-Brunswick and other Canadian provinces. It is possible to adopt one of our puppies or adult dogs for any destination. International departures are made from Montreal.
Since Kidjuuk produces only a few litters a year, we recommend that you reserve your puppy early !

So I invite you to visit our new website and see for yourself the quality and beauty of our companions.