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  • How to Choose a Puppy: 10 Questions to Ask the Breeder
    1. How long have you been a breeder?
    2. Is the puppy registered with the Canadian Kennel Club or any other association?
    3. May I see the papers showing the parentage tests?
    4. May I see where you raise and keep the puppies?
    5. What were you looking for when you chose to mate this male with this female?
    6. At what age do you let your puppies go to their new homes?
    7. Is the mother vaccinated?
    8. Do the puppies come vaccinated with their health records in support?
    9. What kind of guarantee do you give?
    10. Could you give me some references?
  • Red Flags to Look for:
    1. The breeder does not allow you to see the place where the puppies live.
    2. The breeder cannot give you the tests or health records.
    3. The breeder does not want to give you references.
    4. The breeder offers to sell you an unregistered purebred dog